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Blue China Tree

Hudba a text: Ondřej Valenta


Along the way to China, there’s a million miles a way,

Wake me to the morning and I’ll just quickly sail a way.

Ooooh, just bring that shackle over me

And you can sail that way to China, if you – like me – feeling free.

Oh sail away and have the right of sailling away with me



I wonder why you spend time recognizing authority,

It’s all right, the king is there, as he normally outta be.

Ooooh, and you can’t see that it’s just Lu

And now you do, now you do, now you do.

Now you do and it’s just you who wasted time to see it blue.



I’d go anywhere with you, I reckon, babe, to you,

Even over there in China, I’ll always wait for Lu,

And you may wait with me, cos we both sail the sea,

Unordinary, but happy just to be.

Oh yeah, we’ll leave and meet all three by the tree,

By the tree blue tree in China, as says he


Oh girl, let’s go China, we – sailors of two,

There won’t wait anybody bigger than Mr. Gao Lu.

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